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Filtration Products

Hydrotech Water Solutions sells, installs, and services equipment used for High Purity Water. Some of the manufacturers include GE Water, Shelco, Grundfos, Resintech and many more.

Particulate Filtration

Pleated Filtration

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Backwashing Filtration

Hydrotech Water Solutions is a platinum dealer for Autotrol and Fleck control valves.

We also cary a full line of high quality media for these filters.
www.resintech.com www.calgoncarbon.com

Crossflow Filtration

Hydrotech Water Solutions carries a complete line of crossflow filters which includes reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, and ultrafiltration.

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Click the link to find specifications on crossflow filtration membranes.

Ultraviolet Light

Hydrotech Water Solutions has partnered with market leaders in the ultraviolet industry that allow us to design water treatment solutions to meet your strict performance standards through TOC reduction, disinfection, chlorine destruction, and ozone reduction UV systems.

Equipment and Components

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Water Test Kits and Analysis

Hydrotech Water Solutions carries a full line of water test kits for your water testing needs.

Lamotte Company (www.lamotte.com)

Serim (www.serim.com)


Hydrotech Water Solutions also provides comprehensive onsite analytical testing for electronic grade trace analytical, USP analytical or a complete feed water array. Contact Hydrotech Water Solutions for your analytical testing needs.