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Hydrotech is a distributor for for the following manufacturers

AMETEK Filter Housings and Components
ARIES Laboratory High Purity Water/Cartridges
AQUAFINE Ultraviolet Light Disinfection/Ozone Destruct
AQUAMATIC Diaphragm Valves
AVISTA Membrane Cleaners & Process Chemicals
DESAL Rolled Membrane Filters
ECODYNE Softener/Carbon Filters. VIP Controllers.
EEMAX Tankless Water Heaters
ENPURE Natural Polypropylene Piping and Fittings
EVERPURE Depth and Demineralizer Water Filters
FILMTEC Rolled Membrane Filters
FLECK Water Conditioner Control Valves
FLOWLINE Ultrasonic Level Controllers
GE BETZ Membrane Cleaners & Process Chemicals
GE OSMONICS Reverse Osmosis/Ultrafiltration, Ozone
GOULD Multistage Centrifugal Pumps
GRUNDFOS Multistage Centrifugal Pumps
HYTREX Nominal/Absolute Depth and Pleated Filters
KEYSTONE Filter Housings and Filters
LAMOTTE Analytical Water Testing Equipment
LMI Pumps and Day Tanks
MATT-SON Tanks and Tank Components, Filter Media
MEMTREX Pleated Filters and Capsules
MINNTECH Minncare, Cleaners, and Hollow Fiber Filters
MYRON L Analog/Digital Monitoring for Pure Water
PARK Fiberglass Tanks and Components
PUROLITE Ion Exchange Resins
RESINTECH Ion Exchange Resins
SANI-TECH Piping, Valves, Gaskets, and Components
SHELCO Depth and Pleated Filters, S.S Filter Housings
SIGNET Digital Flow/PH/Conductivity Monitors
TERRACON Storage Tanks
THORNTON High Purity Water Instrumentation
TONKAFLO Multistage Centrifugal Pumps